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It matters who develops

our neighborhoods.

Conscious Development occurs when developers start with the communities 

they serve.

The Affordable Housing narrative has changed and so have the faces of development  - 

We are an equity and community building,

community & partnership centric,  

re-skilling and people-focused development 



The OnyxGroup

The OnyxGroup is a Boston-based Black woman-owned, People-focused, forward-thinking, Culturally Competent, and inclusive Development company. Our mission is to build quality housing, preserve culture &  community, promote diversity & inclusion, and create developments that address the socio-economic needs of their residents through conscious-based programs and services.


Our goal is to create public and private partnerships to create creative development models through intentional and effective collaborations.

Our Additional Services include Property Management, Probate and Estate Planning, Community Partnership Consultant, and Real Estate Management Consulting Services.

OnyxGroup Boston - view of Boston's Douglass Square



We focus on people first

Our approach to development starts and ends with people.


We bridge the communication and development gap between the community and the developer, forming partnerships to develop communities focused on inclusivity and tangible equitable growth, starting with local residents.

We invest in the places we develop

We’re motivated by building communities that reinvest in themselves and aim to be a bridge to developing equity and opportunity.


We are a viable resource for the communities we develop, as well as consulting and partnering with major & private industries to liaise and link with the surrounding communities while increasing financial resources, job growth,  educational & trade opportunities.

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Image by Josh Olalde

We build with purpose

Building a community where local residents can live and work, have access to wealth building resources, and have an equitable stake in their cities and towns - it’s not easy, but we’re here to make it happen.We understand the needs of affordable housing, because we’ve lived it!

Affordable housing does NOT have to be synonymous with Poverty.

Most developers that have developed affordable housing never had to  live in it...

This unique lens gives us the experience to know what communities require to be sustainable and thrive. 

Community Advocacy + Platform

Talking to people who live in our community and amplifying their voices is core to our work. We use community voices as a blueprint to what’s really important


Development Partners

Community Partners

Image by Cameron Venti

OnyxGroup Realty

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