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January News

Updated: Jan 12

What a great month! The OnyxGroup Boston is making strides with January appointments and interviews - all in service of our mission to promote development that advances equity, affordability and, most importantly, community.

Read on to find out what's been happening:

We Started the Year with An Inauguration

We started the year with an invitation to the January 5th inauguration ceremonies for Massachusetts' new Governor, Maura Healey. The day was filled with lots of enthusiastic smiles and lots of extraordinary ideas to move us forward. Specifically, we're particularly thrilled to support Governor Healey's proposed comprehensive housing policy - one of her first initiatives to tackle upon taking office. You can read all about her plans and her hit-the-road-running progress HERE.

EmbraceBoston Unveils "Embrace" on Boston Common

And on January 13th we were thrilled to attend the unveiling of "Embrace", a memorial to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King right here on Boston Common.

Among the many quotes from Coretta Scott King shared by speakers throughout Friday’s ceremony, artist Hank Willis Thomas chose this one: “The beloved community is a realistic vision of an achievable society, one in which problems and conflicts exist, but are resolved peacefully and without bitterness.” The Embrace Boston organization indeed has bold plans for the community, not the least of which includes developing the P3 Parcel in Nubian Square into the Embrace Center. According to the Boston Foundation, the center will be a “hub and anchor for the Black community” and will include exhibition, workshop, and performance spaces. We plan on embracing Embrace Boston as part of our beloved community. For now, here are a few images from a fabulous day:

Chanda & Shab talk to CBS News, Boston

We love to talk about the P3 Parcel project and our local CBS News gave us a great opportunity to do just that. Take a listen to the video right here and learn about our vision for this important piece of land - one that we hope will enhance our community for years to come.

And It's a Green Light!

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) Board voted at their January board meeting to tentatively designate HYM Investment Group, LLC and My City at Peace (HYM/MyCAP) - our team! - to redevelop Parcel P-3 in Roxbury.

This is a major step forward in our quest to develop the largest piece of undeveloped land in Boston. You can read all about our development plans HERE and all about the BPDA announcement HERE.

Chanda Smart named to MBTA Board

... and we couldn't be prouder! Chanda's extensive local knowledge, her considerable projectmanagement experience, and her deep ties to the community will only enhance the MBTA Board's expertise. You can read more about the appointment and Governor Baker's press release HERE.

Shabnam Mashmasarmi Lead Panelist at Movement Boston Event

This January 21 event brought us a candid conversation about the reality of the housing landscape for Black Americans. Only 40% of Black Americans are home owners and Black households have a 10x lower net worth than white households.

The panel discussed the steps you can take now to get on the path to building wealth through home ownership and help lead the way for future generations. Homeownership is the first building block of wealth for most, but many feel overwhelmed or don't know where to start. This panel was a great opportunity to hear from Community Leaders and Real Estate Professionals in one spot to get all the answers needed to unlock the door to home ownership. Moving forward, we hope to participate in many more forums just like like this one. A few more images from the day:

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